Dancing with Mississauga Stars 2019 - Dancing with Mississauga Stars 2019
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Joty is a daughter of the Punjabi Canadian diaspora, born and raised in the Peel Region, her passion has always been to shine a light on conversations happening in and around Peel Region. In 2018, she became General Manager of NEWSTALK Sauga960am. Her young, vibrant and passionate personality brings a refreshing feel to the role of management and to the lives of her employees. 

Joty Pannu started her career at Sur Sagar Radio and SSTV at an early age. She completed her education and graduated as a Human Resources Professional. Upon completion of her education, she pursued her career as a Human Resource Professional but changed her career path. 

David Woijik’s Performance in the 2016 dance competition inspired Joty. As a young woman, it’s a wonderful opportunity to showcase that young women can also lead businesses as well as an opportunity to raise money for a wonderful organization, The Community Foundation of Mississauga.

As a child, both Joty and her sister would put on dance performances inspired by Bollywood and Punjabi music in our beautiful indian outfits. They would participate with their friends in highschool talent shows and when they were younger, for their parents at home. Joty is extremely nervous about forgetting the dance moves, but you know practice makes perfect.

Joty’s father is an entrepreneur in the Sikh Community and started up the first Punjabi media company in Ontario. Due to that and her upbringing in Peel Region, she has always been a part of the many cultural and sometimes political events going on.

It’s always important to give back to your community. Growing up everyone has things that remind them of the neighbourhood they grew up in. Despite the world becoming more invested in technology, there are the cravings for community and events that ground us. To bring back that feeling of community, it’s important that we participate and lead events that are inclusive to all. 

Please consider making a donation to help me surpass my fundraising goal of $10,000 in support of the Community Foundation of Mississauga.