Dancing with Mississauga Stars 2019 - Dancing with Mississauga Stars 2019
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About Jaime

Jaime Cortez moved from El Salvador to Canada in 1986, at which point he began working as a labourer. His strong work ethic quickly built up his reputation, but it was his efforts to defend the rights of all workers that helped Jaime to rise through the ranks of LiUNA Local 183 until he became an Executive Board Member. Knowing what it was like to feel isolated and unaccustomed to the work environment, Jaime works hard to make sure that others will never have to go through that same experience.

LiUNA Local 183 has always donated to charities, but when Jaime heard about the opportunity to participate in Dancing with the Mississauga Stars, he thought it would be a different and exciting way to be a part of the fundraiser while giving back to the community. He has been looking to brush up on his dance skills, thus this presents him with an amazing opportunity to do some good and to have fun learning how to dance.

Whenever he and his wife go out to galas or parties, Jaime’s wife always brings him out onto the dance floor to dance with her. Prior to joining Dancing with the Mississauga Stars, this has been the primary avenue by which he has attained his dancing skills. She is an amazing dancer, and Jaime sees this as his opportunity to rise to her level.

Marc Anthony is someone who has inspired Jaime as he goes into his lessons—he captures his audience with his awesome choreography, dancing, and voice. Jaime wants to leave everything out on the dance floor, just like Marc Anthony does every time he performs.

Jaime is very excited about the performance part of this event, and is looking forward to seeing the other dancers perform their choreography. The thought of being partnered with a professional dancer and learning new dance moves is very exciting for him. And while he is nervous about the lessons, Jaime wants to be the best dancer he can be, and he knows that he has a long learning process ahead.

His hope for this event is that it would inspire people to become active in their community, even by doing something as simple as taking a couple of dance lessons for a good cause. He wants people to know that even these little things can make a huge impact, and that it is never too late to take action and help others. His advice? “We are on this earth to be a shoulder people can lean on in times of need. It is our duty to help those who need it most, for this generation and for those to come.”

Although he has never been a part of the Community Foundation of Mississauga in the past, Jaime is thrilled to be participating in this event and he is hoping to see a really good turnout.