Dancing with Mississauga Stars 2019 - Dancing with Mississauga Stars 2019
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About Shelley

Shelley White is one of Canada’s foremost visionary leaders who has dedicated her life and career to empowering organizations that create better futures for thousands of people in their communities. In 2017, she became the new CEO of the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC), which is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to problem gambling prevention. Shelley leads the organization in their mission to promote responsible gambling and reduce problem gambling.

RGC is a centre of excellence in responsible gambling. The organization develops evidence-based policies, programs, and standards by conducting their own research, and use their research to create and implement innovative programs for prevention, education, and social marketing. RGC also offers accreditation for land-based and online gambling operators through the RG Check program, and advisory services for other organizations through RG PLUS.

Over the last 30 years, Shelley has also held a variety of other executive positions within the non-profit sector, including some of the country’s most recognized and trusted national institutions, such as United Way, Kidney Foundation of Canada, and the YMCA. Shelley has received the United Way Worldwide’s Common Good Award, the Queen’s Jubilee Award for outstanding achievement in voluntary service, Ontario’s Leading Women Building Communities Award, the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) Champion Award, and Volunteer MBC’s 2017 Bonnie Yagar Award for Community Engagement Leadership, all of which have earned her a reputation as a champion of social change.

Shelley has lived and worked in Mississauga for almost 30 years, and it is here that she and her family have made many wonderful, life-long friends and enjoyed being involved in their community. Through the years, she has seen Mississauga grow into a great city full of kind and caring people, where there is a strong spirit of volunteering and giving back. One of her favourite things about the city is that it enthusiastically embraces its diversity and celebrates that through vibrant festivals, food, art, music, and dance, bringing people closer together.

She is thrilled to have been invited to participate in Dancing with the Mississauga Stars this year because it is an event that uses dance to bring community together to do good work. She knows from her experiences that this is a community that is committed to providing opportunity and quality of life to all of its residents, and she is happy to be a part of that.

Shelley loves to dance. Her parents inspired her love of dance—she even came into the world on Boxing Day after her parents danced the night away during their family Christmas celebrations. For many years, she channelled her love of dance into teaching aerobics classes for the YMCA. And she is always the first and last person on any dance floor. However, she has never been in a dance competition, so that makes her a bit nervous.

But Shelley is putting aside her fears for the sake of the greater good, and she is trusting that her dance partner will help her not to fall flat on her face. This event has provided her with the perfect opportunity to combine her love of dance with her passion for working together with others to make a difference in people’s lives and build a caring, healthy, and resilient community.